Launch into Learning

With vivid computer-based astronomy curriculum for all grade levels. 

Thank you. My daughter loves your CDs. I get nothing but fact recitations for days afterwards. She had a difficult time in choosing the next course she wanted to try.

Tammy Homeschool Mom

Homeschool Astronomy is without a doubt an educational ride worth taking for students and parents alike. The curriculum does a great job of taking topics we think we know a thing or two about, and expanding on them in eyes-widening, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing ways. This is learning done right!

Jeannette DiLouie Executive Editor, Innovative Editing
Jeannette DiLouie

There are beautiful pictures from NASA and facts and figures that will make your head explode. Each unit also has discussion questions and suggested activities to go along with the study. I found the units to be thorough and easily adaptable to children of all ages.

John Wilkerson The Wired Home School
John Wilkerson

Unlock the Explorer In Your Child

Get Started Right Away

Simple open the presentation and press the F5 to get started!

Progress through lesson with the simple press of the spacebar. 

No Prep Time, No Evolution, All Wonderful!