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This is why you homeschool
This is why you homeschool

Astronomy Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Computer-based astronomy curriculum for all grade levels.

Semester 1

Semester 1 includes:

      1. Tour the Solar System

      2. Big is Relative 

      3. Far

      4. Pluto and the Edge of the Solar System

      5. The Ice Giants - Uranus and Neptune

      6. Jupiter and Saturn: The Gas Giants

      7. Mars – The Haunting RED Planet 

      8. The Mighty Sun and the Cooking of Mercury 

      9. So You think you Know the Moon 

     10. Manned Space Exploration 

     11. Extreme Phenomena 

     12. The Milky Way and other Galaxies 

     13. Constellations & Planets: The Story of the Night Sky

*Each lesson includes a warm up activity, test questions and cross-curricular activities

Semester 2

Semester 2 includes:

     1. Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites

     2. Everything - A Tour of the Universe

     3. Exoplanets - Planets Beyond our Solar System

     4. Home

     5. How to REALLY use a Telescope

     6. Little Green Men - The Search for Life Beyond Earth

     7. Moons of the Solar System

     8. Nebulae

     9. Robotic Space Exploration

     10. Space-Time and Gravity Simplified

     11. Stars and Star Clusters

     12. The Edge of Interstellar Space

     13. Venus - Approach with Caution

*Each lesson includes a warm up activity, test questions and cross-curricular activities

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The full year of astronomy includes over 650 gradable questions and 130 gradable activities

Videos: See How the Lessons Work


Individual Semesters: $84.35 each

Both Semesters (entire year): $159.70

Both semesters are available in a K-6th grade version

or a Junior/Senior High School version.


"Homeschool Astronomy is without a doubt an educational ride worth taking for students and parents alike. The curriculum does a great job of taking topics we think we know a thing or two about, and expanding on them in eyes-widening, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing ways. This is learning done right!"


— Jeannette DiLouie, Executive Editor, Innovative Editing

"There are beautiful pictures from NASA and facts and figures that will make your head explode. Each unit also has discussion questions and suggested activities to go along with the study. I found the units to be thorough and easily adaptable to children of all ages."

— John Wilkerson, The Wired Home School

"Thank you. My daughter loves your CDs. I get nothing but fact recitations for days afterwards. She had a difficult time in choosing the next course she wanted to try."

—Homeschool Mom, Tammy

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