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Home School Astronomy

Vivid Astronomy lessons on the computer.

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Two Grade Ranges Available:

  • K through 4th grade and
  • 5th grade through High School


World View

Home School Astronomy teaches astronomy from an “as is” perspective, meaning from the perspective of what we see happening right now. There are no references to age, origins or evolution.

The creator of Home School Astronomy is a Christian and believes that God created the universe.



About the author

Tony Ceraso has a master’s degree in Education and teaches on the college-level. He is an amateur astronomer and computer professional. He is also a contributing writer for Rosetta Stone’s e-newsletter for homeschoolers.


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"There are beautiful pictures from NASA and facts and figures that will make your head explode. Each unit also has discussion questions and suggested activities to go along with the study. I found the units to be thorough and easily adaptable to children of all ages."
— John,
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"Thank you.  My son loves your CDs.  I get nothing but fact recitations for days afterwards. He had a difficult time in choosing the next course he wanted to try." 

— Homeschool Mom, Tammy